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Aug. 20th, 2009


Significant Locations

The universe is a big place, with a lot of star systems and a lot of planets. Space is divided into 3,600 sectors, and directions to a planet will typically include what sector it's in. Each sector is shaped like a triangular wedge and points towards Oa, located at "sector 0" in their epicenter. Sectors are consequently very large and just because two planets are in the same sector doesn't mean they're terribly close.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of locations, and players are not limited to exploring only what's listed here. Again, the universe is a big place. Planets from non-DC universes are also present, such as Cybertron or Tatooine. Players are also encouraged to just make up planets wholesale to fit their needs, and those planets will also be added to the list.

Planets Native to the DCU

Planet: ???
Sector: 2829
Description: ??? is the headquarters of the Orange Conglomerate. It is a fully urbanized planet, featuring numerous skyscrapers and countless lucrative businesses of varying legality.

Planet: ???
Sector: ???
Description: ??? is the headquarters of the Indigo Tribe.

Planet: Daxam
Sector: 1760
Description: The Daxamites are an offshoot of the Kryptonian race. Though the star Daxam orbits is red, a Daxamite under the light of a yellow sun gains great powers. Daxamites are not vulnerable to Kryptonite, but instead, are vulnerable to lead. Daxamites are incredibly xenophobic and rarely leave Daxam, despite being technologically advanced enough to make it feasible.

Planet: Earth
Sector: 2814
Description: Corps members are... generally discouraged from visiting Earth. It is absolutely rife with superheroes, making it capable of handling itself and/or a bad place for anyone not so morally inclined to be. It's not strictly off limits, but anyone who spends too much time there may find themselves with a "friendly" visit from one of the two local Green Lanterns.

Planet: Htrae
Sector: 1482
Description: Htrae is better known as Bizarro World. It is cube-shaped and opposite Earth in all respects, to the point of ridiculousness, in case that wasn't already made apparent by the cube-shaped planet. Corps members are generally discouraged from visiting Htrae for their own sanity.

Planet: Korugar
Description: Corps members are discouraged from visiting Korugar. This is Sinestro's home planet, and when he was a Green Lantern, he ruled it with an iron fist. The people of Korugar have thus come to associate the symbol of the Green Lantern Corps (and the other Corps by association) with this terrible regime and any Corpsmen discovered on the planet will be chased off with as much force as can be mustered.

Planet: Mogo
Sector: 2261
Description: Mogo the Living Planet is a very important member of the Green Lantern Corps. One of the many key services he provides is acting as a psychiatrist of sorts to the GLC. Stressed GL's are always free to take a brief vacation to Mogo, taking in his lovely scenery and talking to him about their problems. He is instantly recognizable from space by the vast band of forest around his middle with a clearing in the shape of the Green Lantern symbol in its center.

Planet: Oa
Sector: 0
Description: Oa is the headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps. It is heavily fortified and completely urbanized, as many Lanterns spend a lot of time there. (It's the permanent residence for a number of them, even.) Honor Guard Lanterns Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner run a bar called Warrior's there featuring Earth cuisine and it is a frequent watering hole for many Corpsmen.

Planet: The Obsidian Deeps
Sector: 0911
Description: The Obsidian Deeps hold an unspecified number of planets, but are noted for the complete lack of light. At least one of the planets in the Deeps is home to a race of blind, silicon-based froglike creatures.

Planet: Odym
Sector: 2682
Description: Odym is the headquarters of the Blue Lantern Corps. It is a beautiful, peaceful planet, full of flora and fauna. Calling it a paradise wouldn't be much of a stretch.

Planet: Qward
Sector: -1
Description: Qward is the headquarters of the Sinestro Corps. It is located in the anti-matter universe, "below" the regular universe. Try not to think about it too hard

Planet: Rann
Sector: 2682
Description: Rann is an advanced, urbanized planet. It has recently been involved in a long, brutal war with Thanagar.

Planet: Thanagar
Sector: 2682
Description: There are two species of Thanagarian: the tribal lizard-like people of the surface, and the urbanized humanoids on cities built above it. The humanoid Thanagarians oppress the lizard-like ones. The police force of the humanoids is distinguished by their use of attachable wings. Some versions of Hawkman and Hawkwoman from Earth's Justice League are Thanagarian police. Thanagar has recently been involved in a long, brutal war with Rann.

Planet: Ysmault
Sector: 2814
Description: Ysmault is the headquarters of the Red Lantern Corps. It features a large number of very active volcanoes.

Planet: Zamaron
Sector: 2813
Description: Zamaron is headquarters of the Star Sapphires. The planet features a great deal of violet crystal.

Planets From Other Canons

Planet: Aiur
Sector: 1732
Description: Aiur is a lush, jungle planet, populated by the technologically advanced and psionic Protoss race.

Planet: Betelgeuse Five
Sector: 2814
Description: Betelgeuse Five is a small, seemingly innocuous planet orbiting the red giant star Betelgeuse. Not much is known about it among the Corps, as anyone who ventures to explores it reports something about a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster and then is never heard from again.

Planet: Cybertron
Sector: 2815
Description: Cybertron is a fully mechanical planet, home to beings known as Transformers, which, as the name may suggest, are capable of transforming themselves into alternate modes, traditionally vehicles of other planets. They are engaged in a brutal civil war, divided into Autobots and Decepticons. This war appears to have been going on for millennia and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Planet: Namek
Sector: 1329
Description: Namek is home to a race of green-skinned humanoids thought to have evolved from plant life. While Namekian culture seems to be fairly technologically advanced, it is small and scattered, and most of the planet is barren uninhabited wilderness. The Namekians possess a treasure they call "Dragon Balls" and legend has it that if all seven are brought together, a dragon that will grant any three wishes will appear.

Planet: SR388
Sector: 0054
Description: SR388 is a rocky, inhospitable world, home to strange, jellyfish-like parasites known as Metroids.

Planet: Tatooine
Sector: 3522
Description: Tattoine is a desert planet that orbits dual suns, harsh and unforgiving. It is home to a wide variety of species, ranging from human-like to insectoid to sluglike and most everywhere in between. Notable features include the popular sport of pod racing, a thriving black market, and the existence of open slave trading.

Planet: Thundera
Sector: 0497
Description: Thundera is a generally Earth-like planet, home to a technologically advanced race of feline-like humanoids.

Jul. 10th, 2009



So, what's the deal?
A ridiculously powerful being called Catastrophe is going around destroying universes in much the same way that humans trample grass, and all the combined intelligence of the leaders of the different Corps indicate that it's heading this way. Catastrophe is so ridiculously powerful, even the combined strength of all the Corps may not be enough to vanquish it.

At least, not at their current numbers. And that's why they've started bringing in reinforcements from other universes. Because if Catastrophe can't be stopped here, it might never be.

That seems incredibly over-the-top and honestly kind of unnecessary!
You haven't followed comics much, have you?

So, explain these Corps to me.
The individual Corps are explained in more detail over here. The details and management of each Corps is different, but the universal gist of it goes such: Your character is given a lantern, which acts as a handy-dandy recharger for their power ring, an incredibly little device that can do basically anything.

So, by "basically anything" you mean...?
Basically anything, as long as the character has the rage/ambition/fear/willpower/hope/compassion/love for it. The exceptions are few and are things like time travel and creating life and other such ridiculously powerful feats.

Isn't that going to mess with the power curve something fierce?
Well, yes, in that it will smooth it out even as it escalates it. Everybody has a ring, after all.

OK, so, how does the ring work?

No, seriously.
Nope, imagination is basically it. As long as your character can think to do it and has the juice to back it up, you're golden. The thing about a limitless potential like a power ring is that everyone will wield theirs differently. The general style is hard-light constructs with some laser beams thrown in. Constructs vary from Lantern to Lantern. For example, Kyle Rayner is an artist, and his constructs tend to be elaborate, quirky, and frequently have a cartoonish feel to them. John Stewart was an architect, and if you could slow time down, you'd see that in the blink of an eye it takes for his constructs to be created, they're being assembled piece by little piece. But if your character wants to, say, only use the ring to augment their natural abilities to Ridiculous Levels, or even use it only for things like flying in space and rely on their own natural abilities otherwise, then that's fine, too. Basically, there's no wrong way to use a ring.

Is the spandex really necessary, then?
Costumes are generated by the ring, and, rest assured, they are completely customizable, though it's generally suggested that you at least have the Corps's symbol on display and follow the general color scheme.

Can I get more than one ring/be in more than one Corps?
Sure, as long as you have enough of the necessary emotion and can get your hands on the other ring by taking it from another Lantern, be it PC or one of the NPC natives of the universe. We ask that you clear this with the mods first, though.

Anything else I should know about the rings?
They have a somewhat rudimentary A.I. through their link to their Central Power Battery. They will notify their owner when they're low on power and respond to any questions asked.

I am informed regarding the Corps, and I can't help but notice that some of your info doesn't fit with canon.
That would be because The Corps actually takes place in a subtly alternate universe. Some events and mechanics have been altered from canon to make things easier for RP.

So, I'm wondering if the character I want to app is a little too ridiculous....
The Green Lantern Corps's canon members include Mogo the Living Planet and Leezle Pon, the sentient smallpox virus. No character is too ridiculous.

So, about apping pre-existing Lanterns.
Yes, please. Only the head honcho(s) of each Corps is off-limits. It's up to you if you want to take them from the DCU proper or have them be the version from the slightly AU DCU that the game takes place in. If they're being brought in from the DCU proper, they will not receive a second ring, unless they've been brought into a different Corps than the one they're supposed to be in, in which case their ring will probably be replaced. If you do app a high-ranking Corpsman, we do ask that you be prepared to be heavily involved in plot, as the Corps Leaders will likely call upon said high-ranking Corpsmen for specific tasks. Important and high-ranking Corpsmen will be NPC'd until/unless The Corps's version of that character is apped. If we're NPCing The Corpsverse Guy Gardner and someone apps Guy from the DCU proper, he, naturally, won't replace NPC Guy and the two will simply coexist.

Coexist, you say?
The Corps Leaders are pulling new members in from all over the entire omniverse. Duplicates are incredibly likely and, quite frankly, expected. After all, if someone possesses notable amounts of a certain quality in one universe, it's likely their alternate universe versions will also have the same. We ask that if you do app AU, you make it different enough from the canon version that they're distinguishable. OC's are also acceptable. It's named the omniverse for a reason.

What about non-Lantern DC characters?
They'll be given a ring, too, in accordance with what I like to call the "The Flash can't run in space" principle. Unless you can justify otherwise, there won't be any difference between DCU-non-Lanterns and Corpsverse non-Lanterns. Only the workings of the Corps have been fiddled with, so nothing should be different back on Earth.

What happens ICly when a character is dropped?
They disappear. The power that brought them here isn't entirely reliable, having been thrown together pretty quickly and ergo haphazardly, so sometimes it just... wears off. But there's always a chance they'll be re-apped selected again. The process is always going, after all.


The Rules

-Be excellent to each other.
Arguments, mistakes, and just plain messing up big time sometimes are things that happen, even to the best of us. Please deal with them maturely and rationally and with as little flipping out as possible. Just... be excellent to each other, guys.

-Communication takes place ICly over the rings.
Nothing too complicated there. The rings, naturally, have automatic translators.

-Canon, AU, and Original characters are all appable.
AU's and OC's will require more information than a canon app, naturally, but they are allowed. We ask that AU's are distinct enough from the canon version to be easily discernible from each other, even if we don't have the canon version. Real people, however, cannot be apped.

-There will be weekly news/eventposts.
Every week, two of the Corps Leaders will make posts, informing their Corps members of some event occuring somewhere in the cosmos. Maybe somebody's stirring up trouble somewhere and they want some people to go over there and stop them from stirring up trouble. Maybe they want some people to go someplace and stir up some trouble. Maybe the Guardians just want to give you a gentle reminder that Mogo is an excellent psychiatrist that can really help you with those anger issues, just so you know. The next week, two different Corps leaders will post, and so on and so forth until all 7 have and the cycle begins anew.

These events are not compulsory; they're just there to give you something to post about if you so choose and some direction if you need it. You don't have to be a member of a specific Corps to comment on its event, if it's a visible thing, or even participate, if you just so happen to be in the area or somesuch.

Leaders will post in this order: Red – Green – Violet – Yellow – Indigo – Orange – Blue – Red – Etc.

Note that dividing seven by two means the exact sets of pairs will alternate every two cycles.

-Death is semi-permanent.
The rings are capable of many things, but reviving the dead is not one of them. If you let your character be killed off, you'll have to drop them. However, it doesn't mean that they can't be reapped. After all, this is the DCU, which more or less pioneered the revolving door of death, not counting the numerous ways to reverse death other canons provide. As long as an IC justification can be given for the resurrection, they can be apped again, by you or someone else. If you can provide a good justification for an immediate rez, you can forgo dropping, but keep in mind that while people do tend to come back from beyond the veil fairly frequently in the DCU, they don't tend to do it immediately.


The Corps

Before you app, of course, you need to decide which of the seven Corps your character belongs to, and while you're at it, you might as well learn more about their bosses and the history of their Corps, right? That's what this page is for. Even if you've been following the Blackest Night storyline religiously, you should still read this, since The Corps takes place in a slightly AU DCU in order to make some of these Corps playable and everything a little less confusing for the players.

The Red Lantern Corps

Emotion: Rage
Base Planet: Ysmault
Leader(s): Atrocitus
History: Long ago, everything in Space Sector 666 was slaughtered by the Manhunters, faulty early inventions of the Guardians of the Universe. Only 5 beings survived the massacre, and formed a terrorist group known as The Five Inversions. They formed an Empire of Tears, but were thwarted once more by the Guardians and imprisoned on Ysmault, despite performing a ritual that granted them powers of prophesy. Many long centuries later, Atrocitus escaped his bonds and forged the first Red Lantern power battery using his magic and rage. He used it to murder the other four Inversions and used their spilled blood to form the Red Central Power Battery.
Red Lanterns are distinguished by their rage and hatred.
Example Characters:
Standard Oath:
"With blood and rage of crimson red,
Ripped from a corpse so freshly dead,
Together with our hellish hate,
We'll burn you all--
That is your fate!"

The Orange Conglomerate

Emotion: Ambition
Base Planet: ???
Leader(s): ???
History: Once, the Orange Light of Greed was under the control of a single entity known as Larfleezle or Agent Orange. But a number of other individuals desired the power for themselves and, to this end, they formed a group and attacked Larfleezle, vanquishing him. They built a Corps of Orange Lanterns, and somehow along the way, the emotion of the Orange Light shifted ever so slightly from Greed to Ambition. The Orange Conglomerate is run more like a corporation than a corps, and the politics of the organization are complicated and delicately balanced. While the Corpsmen of the Orange Conglomerate will work together to achieve common goals, they are always keeping an eye open for opportunities to gain more clout within their ranks.
Example Characters:
Standard Oath: ???

The Sinestro Corps

Emotion: Fear
Base Planet: Qward
Leader(s): Sinestro
History: Once upon a time, Sinestro was considered the greatest of the Green Lantern Corps. But he used his power to control his home planet of Korugar, turning it into a dictatorship. The Guardians disapproved and took away Sinestro's ring and power battery, banishing him to Qward in the antimatter universe. The Weaponers of Qward detested the Green Lanterns, but now, so did Sinestro. So, instead of battling each other as the Guardians had hoped, Sinestro and the Qwardians became allies. The Weaponers fashioned the first yellow ring for Sinestro, and he was a thorn in the side of the Green Lanterns for many years. When the Green Lantern Corps was destroyed by the fear entity Parallax possessing Hal Jordan, and then later rebuilt by Kyle Rayner, harnessing the power of the willpower entity Ion, Sinestro decided to expand into a Corps himself. He has been recruiting and battling the Green Lantern Corps ever since.
Members of the Sinestro Corps battle primarily by inspiring fear into their opponents, rather than possessing it like the qualities of the other Corps. Sinestro preaches bringing order to the universe just as he brought order to Korugar before he was dethroned, but is entirely approving of chaotic actions taken against his enemies. (Sinestro seems to define order mostly as "What Sinestro wants".)
Example Characters:
Standard Oath:
"In blackest day, in brightest night,
Beware your fears made into light.
Let those who try to stop what's right,
Burn like his power... Sinestro's might!"

The Green Lantern Corps

Emotion: Willpower
Base Planet: Oa
Leader(s): The Guardians of the Universe
History: The Green Lanterns are the oldest of the Corps. Its members have patrolled the universe for millennia, seeking to battle evil in all its forms. About 5 years ago, the Corps were destroyed by Green Lantern Hal Jordan, under the possession of Parallax, but a couple of years ago, the Corps was started again by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, unwittingly harnessing Ion's power. The Corps rebuilt quickly and efficiently, and once more, its members patrol the universe.
Green Lanterns are chosen based on their willpower, their honesty, and their "ability to overcome great fear." Willpower is the "neutral" emotion, between the "negative" emotions of Rage, Ambition, and Fear, and the "positive" emotions of Hope, Love, and Compassion.
Example Characters:
Standard Oath:
"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power...Green Lantern's light!"

The Blue Lantern Corps

Emotion: Hope
Base Planet: Odym
Leader(s): Ganthet and Sayd
History: Ganthet and Sayd were members of the Guardians of the Universe until very recently, when they disagreed with many of the key actions taken by the other Guardians during the war between the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps. The other Guardians decided to top off a good day of bad decisions by not only disregarding Ganthet's and Sayd's concerns, but also exiling them, since they'd been silly enough to fall in love with each other when Guardians were supposed to be emotionless. So Ganthet and Sayd left and began their own Corps with blackjack and hookers the blue light of hope. They were still in the early stages of recruitment when Catastrophe struck, and the multiversal influx should greatly supplement their membership.
The Blue Lantern Corps seeks out members that not only possess great hope, but have the willpower to carry out said hopes.
Example Characters:
Standard Oath:
"In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite
When all seems lost in the War of Light
Look to the stars...
For hope burns bright!"

The Indigo Tribe

Emotion: Compassion
Base Planet: ???
Leader(s): Indigo
History: ???
While the Green Lantern Corps have the neutral emotion, the Indigo Tribe is the Corps that remains truly neutral in the war. They avoid participating directly in combat if they can help it, and tend to heal indiscriminately.
Example Characters:
Standard Oath: ???

The Star Sapphires

Emotion: Love
Base Planet: Zamaron
Leader(s): Zamarons
History: The Zamarons and the Guardians of the Universe were once of the same species, but as the Guardians decided to form the Green Lantern Corps and forsake emotion, the Zamarons instead decided to train themselves physically and embrace emotions, particularly love. Originally, there was only one Star Sapphire, the Queen of the Zamarons, whose power was sealed inside a crystal and required a host body, but seeing that the power of the single gem was too overwhelming, the Zamarons decided to get in on the recent Corps bandwagon and divided the power of the Sapphire, creating lanterns and rings. Star Sapphires have a unique ability in that if a member of another Corps spends a long enough time trapped in a Star Sapphire's crystal on Zamaron, their ring will be converted into a Star Sapphire ring.
Star Sapphires draw their power from love, most particularly the romantic variety. (Lust can do in a pinch.)
Example Characters:
Standard Oath:
"For hearts long lost and full of fright,
For those alone in blackest night,
Accept our ring and join our fight,
Love conquers all--
With violet light!"

Jul. 9th, 2009


Taken Characters

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Red vs. Blue
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